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Performance Style

Tournaments can choose between pre-recorded or live video call performances. Choose different styles for different events (e.g. debate via live video with other events pre-recorded) and/or mix styles between different rounds (e.g. pre-recorded prelims and live video finals).

Video Conferencing Integrated Into SpeechEase

Secure video calls are integrated into the SpeechEase website with no additional software to install or accounts to create - this solution just works with all modern Internet browsers. Security is baked in - only SpeechEase users can join video sessions. Up to 25 participants may share video at any given time, with up to 250 participants in a video session. See Price List for usage costs.

Judging Style

For pre-recorded performances, tournament managers can allow judges to view performances at their leisure after the tournament is scheduled and before a submission deadline. There are no extra fees for pre-recorded rounds with judges viewing performances at their leisure, outside of a video conference. Pre-recorded performances can also be judged in a style more similar to traditional tournaments, with all performers and judges joining a video call and viewing the videos in near-real-time with each other. See Price List for video conference usage costs.

Electronic Balloting

Building on SpeechEase's electronic balloting that was introduced over the last few years, Virtual Rounds allow judges to view their ballots and video call all in the same window.


If enabled for a tournament, schools may register spectators for virtual tournaments. Spectators will be allowed to watch rounds for pre-determined entries, but will not be able to broadcast their audio or video in sessions. Video conferencing pricing applies, if applicable. Limit 250 total participants per video session.

Price List

Pre-Recorded, Non-Video Conference Rounds FREE
Integrated Video Conferencing 12 cents per user per hour *
Regular Tournament Fees Still apply - see Tournament Fees
* Fees based on actual usage - each user (judge, contestant, or spectator) is charged 12 cents per user per hour that they are active in a video session (prorated to the minute). For example, a contestant competes in 4 live rounds (3 prelims and 1 final), each lasting one hour. The charge for this contestant would be 48 cents total. If a contestant only attends 10 minutes of a round, the charge for the round is prorated to 2 cents. To reduce the cost of tournaments, consider a pre-recorded option for one or more rounds. No fees are charged for pre-recorded rounds that are judged asynchronously, without a video conference.

Sample Virtual Tournament Fees**

Hypothetical virtual tournament fees are shown below. Regular tournament fees based on number of entries at your tournament also apply.
Tourney Type Entries Prelims Elims Approximate Cost Breakdown "Per Room"
Speech 15 final events No prelim video conferencing 1 final triple-judged, 20 spectators per final $52 $52 finals $3.47
Speech 250 entries 3 single-judged 1 final triple-judged $107 $90 prelims, $17 finals $2.68
Speech 500 entries 3 single-judged 1 final triple-judged $202 $185 prelims, $17 finals $2.53
Public Forum 25 entries 3 single-judged quarters/semis/finals triple-judged $29 $23 prelims, $6 elims $2.42
Public Forum 100 entries 4 single-judged quarters/semis/finals triple-judged $126 $120 prelims + $6 elims $2.52
** All rounds assumed to be 1 hour in duration with 15 speech events and 25% of speech entries being double- or triple-entered, 10% being duos, and with no spectators unless otherwise mentioned in table. The "Per-Room" column breaks down the price per prelim section. Fees are approximations only - actual usage will be billed. Contact us with any questions or if you would like a detailed estimate.