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Tournament was held on 12/2/2023.

Sweepstakes Points - All Schools

1stScience Hill High School171 points
2ndCareer Magnet Academy57 points
3rdSoddy Daisy High School45 points
4thMorristown East High School33 points
5thHappy Valley High School21 points
6thDaniel Boone High School17 points

After-Dinner Speaking - All Contestants

1stSpider SmothermanScience Hill High School
2ndElla WellsHappy Valley High School
3rdOwen HooverScience Hill High School
4thDelia BradshawSoddy Daisy High School
5thBen VolsScience Hill High School
6thOlivia MathisSoddy Daisy High School

Dramatic Interpretation - All Contestants

1stJeffrey GloverMorristown West High School
2ndSolomon DeLeeseCareer Magnet Academy
3rdCaleb McKinneyMorristown East High School
4thAmelia MontgomerySoddy Daisy High School
5thIsabella WebbScience Hill High School
6thBrieannah Jones Morristown East High School

Duet Acting - All Contestants

1stDaniella Quewea & Kaia ThompsonScience Hill High School
2ndSpencer Potter & JJ LaneScience Hill High School
3rdBrodie Humphries & Haven HowardSoddy Daisy High School
4thKylie Thomas & gray johnsonCareer Magnet Academy
5thDee Crockett & Ella ClarkCareer Magnet Academy

Duo Interpretation - All Contestants

1stSolomon DeLeese & Maxwell CollinsCareer Magnet Academy
2ndJulie Dugger & Sophie YoungScience Hill High School
3rdRylee Lyle & Kaelyn AdamsHappy Valley High School
4thLuke Iverson & Audrey RypelMorristown East High School
5thNicholas Pohland & Spider SmothermanScience Hill High School
6thDahlia Negrete-Regagnon & Amani BodewesSoddy Daisy High School

Evergreen Gabbers - All Contestants

1stOlivia MathisSoddy Daisy High School
2ndMaxwell CollinsCareer Magnet Academy
3rdViolet RiddleDaniel Boone High School
4thBen ShellCareer Magnet Academy
5thEllie BurnetteCareer Magnet Academy
6thGavin stiltnerSullivan East High School

Humorous Interpretation - All Contestants

1stJo HarrisMorristown East High School
2ndJeffrey GloverMorristown West High School
3rdLuke IversonMorristown East High School
4thAmy LiScience Hill High School
5thCaleb McKinneyMorristown East High School
6thSpider SmothermanScience Hill High School

Improvisation Duet Acting - All Contestants

1stOlivia Castillo & Sophie YoungScience Hill High School
2ndDaisy Conley & Molly GarlandHappy Valley High School
3rdAdam Everhart & Cassie RogersScience Hill High School
4thOwen Hoover & Ben VolsScience Hill High School
5thCory Tilley & Brodie HumphriesSoddy Daisy High School
6thElla Martin & Addy LangeSoddy Daisy High School

Informative Speaking - All Contestants

1stLuke IversonMorristown East High School
2ndAmy LiScience Hill High School
3rdMary LouisScience Hill High School
4thEllie BurnetteCareer Magnet Academy
5thJaida ClarkCareer Magnet Academy
6thElisha JonesHappy Valley High School

Original Oratory - All Contestants

1stLily CampbellScience Hill High School
2ndDaniella QueweaScience Hill High School
3rdAmelia MontgomerySoddy Daisy High School
4thOlivia SharpSoddy Daisy High School
5thJaida ClarkCareer Magnet Academy
6thMary LouisScience Hill High School
7thRylee Lyle Happy Valley High School

Original Spoken Word Poetry - All Contestants

1stMadelyn CampbellScience Hill High School
2ndOlivia Castillo Science Hill High School
3rdSpencer PotterScience Hill High School
4thAubrey ChristieScience Hill High School
5thTreazur CassidyScience Hill High School
6thKaelyn AdamsHappy Valley High School

Pantomime - All Contestants

1stSolomon DeLeeseCareer Magnet Academy
2ndOlivia Castillo Science Hill High School
3rdZander NelsonSullivan East High School
4thKam HagerCareer Magnet Academy
5thMarjorie Miranda EstradaSoddy Daisy High School
6thJasmine ShermanCareer Magnet Academy

Poetry Interpretation - All Contestants

1stDaniella QueweaScience Hill High School
2ndCarrie LedfordScience Hill High School
3rdAvery GillertScience Hill High School
4thSarah TrivettSullivan East High School
5thJulie DuggerScience Hill High School
6thmadison cunninghamSullivan East High School

Program of Oral Interpretation - All Contestants

1stSpencer PotterScience Hill High School
2ndMadelyn CampbellScience Hill High School
3rdSarah TrivettSullivan East High School
4thOlivia MathisSoddy Daisy High School
5thCarrie LedfordScience Hill High School
6thSavannah ButlerSeymour High School

Prose Interpretation - All Contestants

1stCassie RogersScience Hill High School
2ndAdam EverhartScience Hill High School
3rdDelia BradshawSoddy Daisy High School
4thJo HarrisMorristown East High School
5thIsabella WebbScience Hill High School
6thAvery GillertScience Hill High School

Public Forum Debate - All Contestants

1stAllison Price & Faith MazzeiDaniel Boone High School
2ndKaitlyn Hill & River Luce .Seymour High School

Solo Acting - All Contestants

1stCory TilleySoddy Daisy High School
2ndAmy LiScience Hill High School
3rdJaida ClarkCareer Magnet Academy
4thMadelyn CampbellScience Hill High School
5thCiara Clayton Soddy Daisy High School
6thCheyann ScarbroughCareer Magnet Academy
7thCharis HuffSoddy Daisy High School

StoryTelling - All Contestants

1stJulie DuggerScience Hill High School
2ndQuintin LanhamScience Hill High School
3rdSophie YoungScience Hill High School
4thMaxwell CollinsCareer Magnet Academy
5thCassie RogersScience Hill High School
6thAvery GillertScience Hill High School

Television Broadcasting - All Contestants

1stSeamus BlackburnScience Hill High School
2ndHunter BalesCareer Magnet Academy
3rdElla WellsHappy Valley High School
4thReeselyn ShortMorristown West High School
5thCarmya ThomasDaniel Boone High School
6thgray johnsonCareer Magnet Academy