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Tournament was held on 11/11/2023.

Sweepstakes Points - All Schools

1stCookeville High School171 points
2ndBrentwood Academy88 points
3rdRavenwood High School78 points
4thBrentwood High School57 points
 Summit High School57 points

Congressional Debate - All Contestants

1stEllen McCulloughSummit High School
2ndGunner WiencekSummit High School
3rdZoë O’CullBrentwood Academy

Dramatic Interpretation - All Contestants

1stMicah MurphyBrentwood Academy
2ndCaroline MooreSummit High School
3rdEthan DickinsonBrentwood Academy
4thTucker SmithCookeville High School
5thMaggie SmithCookeville High School
6thLucas WatkinsBrentwood Academy

Duet Improv - All Contestants

1stJackson Roe & Caroline InmanCookeville High School
2ndMia Humphrey & Jaeden ObriskiePortland High School
3rdEmily Cronin & TJ WigginsCookeville High School
4thEthan Dickinson & Micah MurphyBrentwood Academy
5thAzariah Cherukara & Muskaan MaheshwariRavenwood High School
6thMary Cecilia Meier & Alistair WhiteSt. Cecilia Academy

Duo Interp - All Contestants

1stAzariah Cherukara & Muskaan MaheshwariRavenwood High School
2ndAnessa Loftin & Noah TolbertCookeville High School
3rdCooper Austin & Kaylee WilmothCookeville High School
4thJessica Giezentanner & Liz CrowellCookeville High School
5thEllie Harrell & Cadence WIlsonClarksville High School
6thAbhisri Singh & Agamya SinghRavenwood High School

Extemporaneous Speaking - All Contestants

1stAndrew GardnerBrentwood Academy
2ndLucas WatkinsBrentwood Academy
3rdCiara OldhamCookeville High School
4thSamyuktha BabuBrentwood High School
5thOlivia LeePage High School
6thShanti BoorguBrentwood High School

Humorous Interpretation - All Contestants

1stAniston PooleRossview High School
2ndWilder MillsCookeville High School
3rdMichaela AdkinsBrentwood Academy
4thJackson RoeCookeville High School
5thNoah TolbertCookeville High School
6thSiona BhattacharyaRavenwood High School

Impromptu Speaking - All Contestants

1stCiara OldhamCookeville High School
2ndJack SimonSummit High School
3rdDarsh MenonRavenwood High School
4thEthan DickinsonBrentwood Academy
5thPranav GovinduRavenwood High School
6thAddison HiltonPage High School

Informative Speaking - All Contestants

1stKaylee WilmothCookeville High School
2ndSophia ReevesRavenwood High School
3rdAdvik AnandRavenwood High School
4thVandita VatturiBrentwood High School
5thPeniel OgundeRavenwood High School
6thYeshmith PeethalaRavenwood High School

Original Oratory - All Contestants

1stMadayln AverillPortland High School
2ndJoanna LiBrentwood High School
3rdMatthew GreerBrentwood High School
4thOlivia PiatiakRossview High School
5thKylie MooneyhanPortland High School
6thAkhila ChintaRavenwood High School

Poetry Interpretation - All Contestants

1stAshley MayoNortheast High School
2ndDeriyah JonesNortheast High School
3rdKylie MooneyhanPortland High School
4thJoy ScheurenBrentwood High School
5thVirginia HirschClarksville High School
6thFaye LevesqueClarksville High School

Program of Oral Interpretation - All Contestants

1stMicah MurphyBrentwood Academy
2ndMia HumphreyPortland High School
3rdAutumn ClouserPortland High School
4thAbigail AlfordCookeville High School
5thKallee WoodsPortland High School
6thMoria HornDavidson Academy HS

Prose Interpretation - All Contestants

1stAnessa LoftinCookeville High School
2ndKylee CampbellCookeville High School
3rdKayla LitteralCookeville High School
4thCarlee AlbersonCookeville High School
5thMoria HornDavidson Academy HS
6thCarolyne JonesRossview High School

Public Forum Debate - All Contestants

1stRinaz Jamal & Ridham OhriFranklin High School
2ndPaul Schneider & Grady PazonaBrentwood High School
3rdNeha Thanigaivelan & Ariana MartinBrentwood High School
4thAtharv Mehendale & Shailsuta PathakRavenwood High School
5thMeredith Jones & Natalie ChouBrentwood High School
6thDaksh Mukerji & Darsh ShrivastavaRavenwood High School

Storytelling - All Contestants

1stMargaret MacGurnRavenwood High School
2ndNoah TolbertCookeville High School
3rdCarlee AlbersonCookeville High School
4thMadelyn HodgesClarksville High School
5thShanti BoorguBrentwood High School
6thmikayla stolle Summit High School

Television Broadcasting - All Contestants

1stHarrison MasseyDavidson Academy HS
2ndLeylah GrimesSummit High School
3rdGavin WeddingtonRossview High School
4thCooper AustinCookeville High School
5thAbby ElksDavidson Academy HS