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Tournament was held on 11/12/2022.

Sweepstakes Points - All Schools

1stCollierville High School139 points
2ndCookeville High School106 points
3rdPortland High School97 points
4thBrentwood High School93 points
5thBrentwood Academy38 points

Dramatic Interpretation - All Contestants

1stParnika PagadalaCollierville High School
2ndReyya KalolwalaBrentwood High School
3rdJasmine JiangBrentwood High School

Duet Improv - All Contestants

1stLucas Watkins & Witt WellonsBrentwood Academy
2ndKaylee Wilmoth & Liz CrowellCookeville High School
3rdJessica Giezentanner & Wilder MillsCookeville High School

Duo Interp - All Contestants

1stEthan Dickinson & Witt WellonsBrentwood Academy
2ndUyen Phan & Noah TolbertCookeville High School
3rdEmily Cronin & Cooper AustinCookeville High School
4thMadayln Averill & Autumn ClouserPortland High School
5thCallie Head & Isaac BariePortland High School
6thJaden Crews & Benjamin DeriegCollierville High School

Extemporaneous Speaking - All Contestants

1stGabe PazCollierville High School
2ndSydney CarrollBattle Ground Academy
3rdGrant CarpenterBrentwood High School
4thJordan LewinCollierville High School
5thLucas WatkinsBrentwood Academy
6thAnthony GriffinCookeville High School

Humorous Interpretation - All Contestants

1stSeth PrattMadison Academic Magnet High School
2ndJackson RoeCookeville High School
3rdAnnalise KnostmanBrentwood High School
4thNoah TolbertCookeville High School
5thCaydence MayCookeville High School
6thJessica GiezentannerCookeville High School

Impromptu Speaking - All Contestants

1stSid SinghCollierville High School
2ndParnika PagadalaCollierville High School
3rdReyya KalolwalaBrentwood High School
4thWitt WellonsBrentwood Academy
5thCiara OldhamCookeville High School
6thAndrew LopezCollierville High School

Informative Speaking - All Contestants

1stUyen PhanCookeville High School
2ndElizabeth AllenPortland High School
3rdJoy ScheurenBrentwood High School
4thCallie HeadPortland High School
5thRobert DenzerCollierville High School
6thShanti BoorguBrentwood High School

Original Oratory - All Contestants

1stAlina SikandarCollierville High School
2ndMadayln AverillPortland High School
3rdSid SinghCollierville High School
4thJoseline VillegasMadison Academic Magnet High School
5thJordan LewinCollierville High School
6thKaylee WilmothCookeville High School

Poetry Interpretation - All Contestants

1stZaima LalaniCollierville High School
2ndKaylonnie ReadPortland High School
3rdSophia PerryBrentwood High School
4thZaki LalaniCollierville High School
5thAnnie ShiBrentwood High School
6thMeiqi YangBrentwood High School

Program of Oral Interpretation - All Contestants

1stDemi WilsonPortland High School
2ndViolet WileyCollierville High School
3rdMoria HornDavidson Academy HS
4thAutumn ClouserPortland High School
5thAxa CheCollierville High School

Prose Interpretation - All Contestants

1stElla SeatonHenry County High
2ndAnne WilsonCookeville High School
3rdDemi WilsonPortland High School
4thMcKenna WhiteHenry County High
5thKendra BadilloNortheast High School
6thchelsea payneHenry County High
7thAllie PaschallHenry County High

Public Forum Debate - All Contestants

1stMichele Vincent & Emma Kate ShepherdBrentwood High School
2ndmeredith yount & Jasmine MerrikhBrentwood High School
3rdJoseph Johnson & Gordon ShengBrentwood High School
4thAditi Dube & Pranav ChittooriCollierville High School

Storytelling - All Contestants

1stElizabeth AllenPortland High School
2ndCaydence MayCookeville High School
3rdKaylonnie ReadPortland High School
4thKallee WoodsPortland High School
5thEliza HaneyDavidson Academy HS
6thAbby ElksDavidson Academy HS

Television Broadcasting - All Contestants

1stKaitlyn BakkerDavidson Academy HS
2ndCooper AustinCookeville High School
3rdAlina SikandarCollierville High School
4thAbby ElksDavidson Academy HS
5thSterling SpearsMerrol Hyde Magnet School
6thBenjamin DeriegCollierville High School