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Tournament was held on 2/27/2021.

Sweepstakes Points - All Schools

1stDobyns Bennett High School49 points
 Brentwood Academy49 points
3rdWhite House High School18 points
 Ravenwood High School18 points

Dramatic Interpretation - All Contestants

1stSloan RogersBrentwood Academy
2ndSarah StefanDobyns Bennett High School
3rdMadison EdmondsHenry County High
4thLouisa SimpsonDobyns Bennett High School
5thAnna Louise JanesBrentwood Academy
6thCaroline MeyerRavenwood High School

Humorous Interpretation - All Contestants

1stEthan DickinsonBrentwood Academy
2ndCaleb DorrisWhite House High School
3rdMichaela AdkinsBrentwood Academy

Informative Speaking - All Contestants

1stJackson PedenBrentwood Academy
2ndMadison FreemanWhite House High School
3rdJackson HoppeBrentwood Academy
4thCaleb DorrisWhite House High School
5thLillian AusbandDobyns Bennett High School

Original Oratory - All Contestants

1stHaley WarrenBrentwood Academy
2ndJackson PedenBrentwood Academy
3rdCaroline BreenBrentwood Academy
4thMadison FreemanWhite House High School
5thSydnee BaileyWhite House High School
6thLeeanna LewisDobyns Bennett High School
7thRiley ZarseDobyns Bennett High School

Poetry Interpretation - All Contestants

1stNatalie PorterRavenwood High School
2ndAllison DuncanDobyns Bennett High School
3rdJesse VaughnDobyns Bennett High School

Program of Oral Interpretation - All Contestants

1stCaroline BreenBrentwood Academy
2ndNatalie PorterRavenwood High School
3rdDillon CantrellIndependent
4thElla SeatonHenry County High
5thBranton EastHenry County High
6thOlivia WyattHenry County High

Prose Interpretation - All Contestants

1stAllison DuncanDobyns Bennett High School
2ndGrace WellmanDobyns Bennett High School
3rdCampbell CarterDobyns Bennett High School
4thKate ValentineDobyns Bennett High School
5thKatlyn Renye'Dobyns Bennett High School
6thPiper WatersHenry County High
7thSonali PoobalasinghamDobyns Bennett High School

StoryTelling - All Contestants

1stFallon O’DonnellRavenwood High School
2ndGrace WellmanDobyns Bennett High School
3rdLucy AddairDobyns Bennett High School