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Wyoming State Thespian Festival Invitation

Important Deadlines
Pre-Registration: Sun Nov 3, 2019 11:45 PM MST
Registration: Sun Nov 3, 2019 11:45 PM MST
WEST Wyoming Educators of Secondary Theatre
University of Wyoming
1000 E University Ave
Laramie, WY 82071

Fellow Directors,

It is a pleasure to invite your school to the Wyoming State Thespian Festival in Laramie, WY from Thursday, December 5 to Saturday, December 7.

Meet Details

This year we will have competition and workshops. SpeechEase will allow us to manage students signing up for competition and non-competitors for workshops only. A new exhibition event of makeup design, similar to costume design, is available.

Entry Details

Schools are limited to the numbers based on the Wyoming State Thespian Festival Rules


Please note that registration is a TWO-STEP process. The Pre-registration process on SpeechEase will give us the numbers of students coming. Registration for all Individual Events and one-acts will close on November 1 at 11:45 PM.
Please also note that preliminary numbers of entries are due via the link the the Wyoming State Thespian Festival Packet by Monday, October 14.

Fee Schedule

Flat Fee
$ 105.00
There is a surcharge for each entry in the following events:
  • Arena ($42.00)
  • Cost Con ($15.00)
  • Costume 1 ($15.00)
  • Costume 2 ($15.00)
  • Costume 3 ($15.00)
  • Costume 4 ($15.00)
  • Devised (GPA) ($42.00)
  • Duet Nov ($15.00)
  • Duet Varsity ($15.00)
  • F.Makeup 1 ($15.00)
  • F.Makeup 2 ($15.00)
  • F.Makeup 3 ($15.00)
  • F.Makeup 4 ($15.00)
  • Group ($15.00)
  • Lighting 1 ($15.00)
  • Lighting 2 ($15.00)
  • Lighting 3 ($15.00)
  • Lighting 4 ($15.00)
  • M Design ($15.00)
  • MonoNov ($15.00)
  • MonoVar ($15.00)
  • DuetMus ($15.00)
  • GrpMus ($15.00)
  • SoloMus ($15.00)
  • Workshops only ($12.00)
  • Orig Duet ($15.00)
  • Orig Mono ($15.00)
  • Orig One-Act ($15.00)
  • Proscenium ($42.00)
  • Publicity 1 ($15.00)
  • Publicity 2 ($15.00)
  • Publicity 3 ($15.00)
  • Publicity 4 ($15.00)
  • R. Makeup 1 ($15.00)
  • R. Makeup 2 ($15.00)
  • R. Makeup 3 ($15.00)
  • R. Makeup 4 ($15.00)
  • Scene 1 ($15.00)
  • Scene 2 ($15.00)
  • Scene 3 ($15.00)
  • Scene 4 ($15.00)
  • Film ($15.00)
  • Sound ($15.00)
  • SM ($15.00)
  • Tech Oly ($24.00)


Fees are paid to Wyoming High School Activities Association. Current Members of WEST will receive a reduction in the flat fee by $30. Schools who wish to come an only observe will pay a fee of $35.


Varsity judging is done by our college professors, professionals in the field, and thespians with vast amounts of experience. You as high school directors will be respondents for novice events.


If you are aware of drops, please don't wait until arriving at the festival to notify us. Even though the schedules are printed before this date, knowing about a drop before is helpful. You are welcome to use the online drop/add reporting at after you have submitted your final registration. Any changes must be received prior to the festival, on Tuesday, December 3 by 11:45 PM.


We are looking into having meals available through the college. The board will send out information for you.


We will give Sweepstakes awards for the top schools. There will also be all-state and honorable mention awards for the top thespians.


The schedule will be provided via the WEST board and Wyoming Thespians.


Since we are in Wyoming during the winter, please be aware of the incoming storms. As we are in Laramie, don't forget about the wind (trust us, it won't forget to blow).


If you have any questions about registration, please feel free to contact Tim Bessette at 307-689-6353. You may also email [email protected] Scheduling questions can be directed to Sarah Bessette at [email protected] All other questions can be directed to the appropriate board member. Please look at your packet for details.

Tim Bessette