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2023 Hurricane Invitational Invitation

Important Deadlines
Pre-Registration: Tue Feb 21, 2023 5:00 PM EST
Registration: Wed Feb 22, 2023 5:00 PM EST
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Mx. Gabrielle Wexler
Morristown East High School
1 Hurricane Lane
Morristown, TN 37813

Want to get some last minute practice before Tennessee's NSDA National Qualifier? Is your THSSDL district tournament coming up and you'd like some feedback? Or, are you the senior desperate to try that event you always wanted to and now you're running out of time? Come to the 2023 Hurricane Invitational, hosted by Morristown East High School on Saturday, February 25, 2023. We offer all THSSDL competition events, plus Original Spoken Word Poetry because why not? It's fun. (5 minutes, student-written poetry, see NSDA rules for specifics) Below is a competition guide:

Topic areas for all limited prep events will be released as we get closer to the tournament date. Since improv doesn't have set rules, we are using these - 1 minute prep, 5 minute time limit. No introduction needed.

Meet Details

This will be a 3-round (1 judges per round) tournament with a final round. PFD will have 4 rounds. All finals will have 3 judges.

Need information about judging? A map of the school? Room locations? Check out our website, which will be updated as we get closer to the tournament:

Entry Details

Because we're offering all events, I set a limit of 10 per team for each category. If you'd like to add more, just text me and I'll see if we can accommodate. Each contestant is allowed 3 entries in total, EXCEPT students competing in TV and Extemp. They can only double because of the prep time required.


Please note that registration is a TWO-STEP process. Please pre-register on before the Pre-Registration Deadline noted in this invitation. This will help us determine the total number of schools attending. Your final registration must be received by the Registration Deadline.

Fee Schedule

Per-Entry Fee
$ 8.00
There is a surcharge for each entry in the following events:
  • DUET ($8.00)
  • DUO ($8.00)
  • IDA ($8.00)
  • PFD ($8.00)


Please make checks payable to Morristown East High School.
1 Hurricane Lane
Morristown, TN 37813


One judge for every 6 IE entries or a fraction thereof. One judge for every 2 PFD entries or a fraction thereof. Judges cannot be hired from the host school. If you are entering contestants in PFD, you must have at least one debate judge. You can mark your judges as either IE, Debate, or "All." I think I've also set it up correctly so that you can enter judge event preferences for all rounds.


If you are aware of drops, please don't wait until arriving to notify me. Text me with any drops ASAP. It helps make me less stressed.


The cafeteria will be serving food, drinks, and snacks, and we would appreciate your patronage.


We will give Sweepstakes awards for the top 3 schools, including an award for highest percentage There will also be individual awards for the top 6 speakers. Thank you to Rev's Trophy in Morristown for always doing a great job with trophies.


Upon arrival, all competitors, coaches, and judges report to cafeteria. (Free coffee and snacks will be provided to judges.)

8:00 AM - Opening Ceremony in Auditorium
8:30 AM - IE Round 1
10:00 AM - IE Round 2
11:30 AM - IE Round 3

8:30 AM - PFD Round 1
9:30 AM - PFD Round 2
10:30 AM - PFD Round 3
11:30 AM - PFD Round 4

Finals - around 1:30 ish
Awards - as soon as possible

Naturally, delays happen. This schedule is approximate.


If inclement weather should cause cancellation of the tournament, we, along with our principal, will make that determination by 6:00 AM on the day of the tournament. If another cancellation has to happen due to weather, I will be sad. This happened last year.

If your school has confirmed its entry and decides not to attend and the tournament is held, your school is still responsible for all fees and judges.


If you have any questions, please contact Gabrielle Wexler at 4232540296. You may also email [email protected]
Need information about judging? A map of the school? Room locations? Check out our website, which will be updated as we get closer to the tournament start date.
Gabrielle Wexler